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Throwing up isn't as fun as I remembered

» Sunday, May 07, 2006 | 9:03 PM | by Intricated

There I was, enjoying a nice Sunday dinner with the extended family, when all of a sudden I feel a sharp jab in the back of my throat. No, it wasn't some geeky cousin goofing around with his Transformer, turns out I just semi-swallowed a small bone from the steamed fish. I tried to swallow it right away; bad idea.

Had to excuse myself from table and went upstairs. The jabs just kept coming with every contraction in my throat. They weren't that painful, but like water torture, every drip had more of a pyshological impact on me. I just had to get it out of there. Tried to cough it out, then tried to swallow it, then cough, then swallow... basically didn't get anywhere fast. I briefly imagined how it would be going through the rest of my life with the bone stuck in my throat, and it caused my stomach to grumble; I was going to hurle.

A funny sensation it is, food and bodily acids going the wrong way on a usually one-way street that is my esophagus. Chunks of partially chewed and digested food staring back at me from the bathroom sink. Ugh. AND THE BONE STILL WAS LODGED IN MY THROAT.

Well after cleaning up that mess, I hit the internet, looking for some home remedy. Not surprisingly, drinking tons of water came up as the most suggested action, along with swallowing unchewed rice, and sucking on a lemon. Nothing worked.

So I went to bed, hoping that my heavy snoring would somehow have an effect. Fortunately, it did; the jabs happened less frequently. I gather that the bone was working it's way down. A day or two later, it's completely gone, except for 1-2 jabs if I swallow a lot of air at once. Probably just the scar left from the bone piercing my throat tissue, although I still fear that the damn fishbone is still there, just biding it's time, waiting for the perfect moment to strike...

I'll still eat fish; cannot deny myself the goodness of salmon, tuna, and even store-bought frozen fish sticks. But I won't be touching steamed fish for a while, at least until I need to feel awkward again.

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Blogger Amy, on Thursday, May 25, 2006 10:59:00 PM # 

it's not fish's fault u can't eat without hurting yourself. that being said, glad to hear u're doing better

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