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» Presenting myself well

Welcome to my blog, powered by Blogger. Although I've had a blog for nearly 3 years, I really didn't know what to say.

Nowadays, things have more busy, hectic, exciting, funny, happy, satifsying, sexy, and maybe just may be the most important time in my life. School's winding down, my career is shaping up, and the winds are blowing in my favour. However, that isn't to say that I don't feel the world's pressure on my shoulders; it just means that I'll be complaining less about it, and might just have something worth sharing with the world.

So look around if you dare, thanks for stopping by, and try not to feed the trolls. :)

Presenting myself well

» Wednesday, December 07, 2005 | 12:01 AM | by Intricated

Derek Zoolander: Fictionary H&M Canada President of MarketingMonday was the last day of classes, and now I am into the Study Break, but things are just gearing up: 5 final exams (3 in a 2-day span, 6 day break, then 2 in 2 days), then start my work term at IBM on the 21st, then go on vacation with the family to fabulous Las Vegas 23rd afternoon to 27th morning, then back to work on the 28th until September 2006. Let's just say I still got a lot to do. :)

But it's the presentations I did for MGTC05 and MGTD12 that I'm thinking about at the moment. I already talked about D12 and how we launched a new toothpaste product for Proctor and Gamble. C05 was about H&M and how they are launching it's second volley into the Canadian fashion retail market in Montreal 2006. It was probably the only business presentation in my life (of course I'm discounting my grade 9 drama days) that I tried so damn hard to include humour from a movie (Zoolander) and still make it informative. Naturally, in a group with all females, I played the role of Derek Zoolander, and apparently I pulled it off ok. Not all the jokes got a vibrant reaction from the audience, but some people were kind enough to "crack up" at the more obvious ones. I think the professor liked it too, but of course, content was probably what he was looking for; I hope there was enough.

Playing an idiot-savant, girly, prissy, and looks-good-in-tight-pants (ok maybe not the last one) Zoolander was a new experience for me. I always knew I can pull off any acting role (or at least willing to try), but didn't know I could rip off, er borrow, the mannerisms of Zoolander in a somewhat convincing fashion. But hey, I had a lot of fun with it and my groupmates did their parts really well, despite the lack of sleep I had due to the C09 assignment, which was due the same day.

FYI, I think I did quite poorly on the MGTC09 assignment aftering reviewing the solutions posted yesterday afternoon. Fortunately, it's only worth 10%, and I got a 93 on the midterm, so an 80 is still within reason, a much better result than I got in MGTC03.

I've been thinking about posting a semi-regular series of reviews on advertisements that I run into every day of my life. Just something to keep me thinking about marketing and what works, and what doesn't.

Today's Music: Macross Plus - Sharon Apple - Information High
We know how to get an internal high
In the center of the lightning speed waltz
See our soul struggling to survive
As we head down for the self-destructive edge

Sayonara to intrusive noise
No more childish play and no more toys
We know how to get eternal life
While we feel and sense mother nature's strong might

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