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» Late night music lovin'

Welcome to my blog, powered by Blogger. Although I've had a blog for nearly 3 years, I really didn't know what to say.

Nowadays, things have more busy, hectic, exciting, funny, happy, satifsying, sexy, and maybe just may be the most important time in my life. School's winding down, my career is shaping up, and the winds are blowing in my favour. However, that isn't to say that I don't feel the world's pressure on my shoulders; it just means that I'll be complaining less about it, and might just have something worth sharing with the world.

So look around if you dare, thanks for stopping by, and try not to feed the trolls. :)

Late night music lovin'

» Saturday, December 17, 2005 | 3:07 AM | by Intricated

I'm still not studying, but at least I've been productive the last few days. I've touched base with one of my team members at IBM Canada for when I start my work term on the 21st just some general questions. I've done my Christmas shopping and easily spent a few hundred buckoroos on stuff like clothes (for myself really; dress to impress!), walkie-talkies (for the Vegas trip), a 128MB USB key for 10 dollars (thanks to Red Flag Deals), a couple DVDS (again, RFD), some ceramic Oriental cups, and a bunch of posters (2 of Stewie from Family Guy, 1 of A LOT of characters from The Simpsons, and 1 smilie face one).

The best thing probably is a brand new PC that my parents promised my brother for just growing up to be such a delightful person (or something to that effect). The specs are awesome for the price; more details once it arrives from Best Buy early next week. Although it's for the bro, I think I'll make it my own and give the siblings the current one. It's only fair; I mean, I did all the work buying it (not to mention the charge to my credit card), and I am the one that is able to use the computer to its fullest potential. It's only reasonable, right? :D

I also found an hour to organize my room (mostly all my old school notes/assignments and mountain of snail mail), and another half an hour to setup the Microsoft MN-700 Wireless Router (Linksys BEFSR41 one I had for 3 years finally crapped out), which is working great so far (although I have nothing wireless to connect to it).

I'm also on the lookout for a new cell phone plan (again, RFD in conjunction with Student Phones has some really good deals for a poor student like myself) and considering switching from Rogers to Bell for high-speed internet service. Oh, and need to get a haircut... just because.

But the reason why I'm still up is after I finally decided to give the Media Library feature of Winamp a chance, after shunning all forced attempts to categorize my music since I used MusicMatch in like 1998. I mean, all I needed were a folder to tell me where everything is. However, the Media Library allows me to more easily manage my music, particularly in fixing up the IDv2/v3 tags and making use of the ratings capability. Took a while to go through the ~450 songs I have on my hard drive, but I forgot how much I love a clean, but flexible organization of... basically everything.

I even added some entries to my Lyrics page after realizing how awesome these songs are and deserve more attention on my site:

Saturday's plan: go dim sum with grandpa and give him his gift, get that haircut, and pick up the USB key from Future Shop. Oh, and start studying; 2 intense, challenging, and heavily-weighted exams are coming up on Monday and Tuesday... then I start my work term... then Las Vegas for the Christmas break... then back to work... SUPER HAPPY FUN TIME!

Today's Music: I can't decide! :P

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