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» Guild Wars' trick or treat

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Guild Wars' trick or treat

» Wednesday, November 02, 2005 | 12:01 AM | by Intricated

Guild Wars is the only MMORPG that I have dished out cold hard cash for (ok, well a credit card to be more precise, but it's just as liquid on Amazon), and I don't regret that $40 investment one bit. Not only did I get a $20 discount on the purchase off the retail price (thank goodness for Amazon's attempt in generating CLV off of little ol' me), but GW had me hooked right from the get-go with its unique character classes, gameplay differentiation, skill set complexity, and simply jaw-dropping graphics.

Another splendid scene from Guild Wars.

Over the past week, part of GW was transformed into a hollowe'en theme, with several holiday-specific items and characters developed. However, it is the superb artwork and graphics placement in the game environment that I had to stop my preparation for that somewhat important IBM interview later today (see previous blog) and let the world see how I can so easily be distracted by pretty things.

I've got plenty more that my brother and I took, not to mention the several dozen screenshots from the game in regular mode I stored, which will be wallpapers someday. And yes, I am stressing the graphics of this game quite a bit, despite my general belief that it's the gameplay that makes a game worth playing (and paying for). Guild Wars is not without its fair share of complaints regarding that particular area of the game, but I personally find the gameplay meeting my expectations and needs, and I doubt you can find someone that can honestly say the artwork and graphics in GW "sux".

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