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» Getting weak after this week

Welcome to my blog, powered by Blogger. Although I've had a blog for nearly 3 years, I really didn't know what to say.

Nowadays, things have more busy, hectic, exciting, funny, happy, satifsying, sexy, and maybe just may be the most important time in my life. School's winding down, my career is shaping up, and the winds are blowing in my favour. However, that isn't to say that I don't feel the world's pressure on my shoulders; it just means that I'll be complaining less about it, and might just have something worth sharing with the world.

So look around if you dare, thanks for stopping by, and try not to feed the trolls. :)

Getting weak after this week

» Thursday, November 03, 2005 | 6:39 PM | by Intricated

Interesting week I had. Here's a quick rundown:

Working to exhaustion: Isn't that how we all feel?

Quite the week, and it continues. Plenty of work to do in other courses, especially with doing market research and analysis for a couple marketing group case studies. Sigh, someone, pinch me when it's over.

P.S. On the bright side, fantasy hockey is looking good. Back in first for two of my teams, and up to 4th in the winner's league. Thank goodness I have Spezza; that kid is something special. Too bad I didn't pick up Staal though.

Today's Music: Kernkraft400 - Zombie Nation
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